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Artist Biography

Navigating Multidimensional Realms through Printmaking, New Media Art, and Sound Performance

In the convergence of new media art and sound performance, I find a limitless canvas where the digital and the analog coalesce, creating a dynamic synergy of sensory experiences. My work exists at the intersection of technology, emotion, and the uncharted realms of auditory and visual expression. As I continue with new avenues of work, my print has evolved into a new era, amalgamating into the digital realm and process this new information into something entirely new and exciting. 

In an era dominated by the visual, I delve into the immersive possibilities of sound as a powerful medium. Sound, to me, is more than an auditory sensation; it is a visceral language that transcends the boundaries of traditional artistic forms. Through sonic explorations, I aim to unlock new dimensions of perception, inviting audiences to engage with their senses in unexpected ways.

Through my work, I seek to challenge preconceptions and inspire a deeper connection between art and audience. I believe that in the synthesis of new media and sound performance lies the potential to evoke emotions, provoke thoughts, and transport individuals beyond the confines of the ordinary.

Printmaking, with its history of storytelling, and new media art, with its contemporary language, converge in a dialogue that is at once nostalgic and futuristic. The audience becomes an integral part of this multisensory odyssey, contributing to the unfolding narrative of the experience.

As I continue to navigate the uncharted territories of artistic expression, I discover that the synthesis of printmaking, new media, and sound performance offers an expansive palette of possibilities. In this convergence, I seek to challenge conventions and invite viewers to explore the intersections of tradition and innovation, tangible and digital, inviting them to redefine their perceptions of the multidimensional nature of contemporary art. Whilst endeavoring to enrich the relationships we have with the machinery and processes used within the print world, creating new and exciting outcomes before the advancements of AI and future technologies take hold. 


Exhibition History

Solo Exhibitions

Coming soon!


End of Project Exhibition ( 12th January - 20th May ) - The College Merthyr Tydfil, Wales  

Cardiff Animation Festival - Mini Exhibition ( 24th - 29th March ) - The Umbrella Gallery, Cardiff, Wales 

Resilience - Spring Open Call ( 6th May - 4th June ) - Cardiff MADE, Wales 

Misc. Graduate Show ( 7th - 18th June) - Cardiff MADE, Wales 

MIR - Open 23 ( July 15th - August 12th) - G39, Cardiff

The Secret Postcard Show (18th August - 3rd September) - The Old Lock Up Gallery, Derbyshire 

Summer Show 2023 (August 4th - September 29th) - Gallery Gwyn, Aberaeron


Gallery 480 ( 12th – 16th December) - The Talking Shop, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales  

 Year 2 End of Year Exhibition ( 9th June) - The College Merthyr Tydfil, Wales  

 The Degree Show (7th march – 2nd April) - Red House, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales  


FD Degree Year 1: End of Year Exhibition (14th May - 31st May) - The College Merthyr Tydfil, Wales 

Exhibition Images 

Education History

M.A. Fine Art UWTSD - University of Wales Trinity Saint David 

B.A. (Hons) Degree Arts Practice - University South Wales 

Foundation Degree Arts Practice - University South Wales 

OCR Cambridge Diploma in Art & Design 

AS level - Photography & Art 

Notable Achievements

Certificate of Excellence (Artist of the Year) - For outstanding dedication and commitment during the BA(Hons) Art Practice Degree - Awarded June 2023, College Merthyr Tydfil

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