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Trace Mono-type Portraiture

"I explore the multifaceted nature of beauty and identity, inviting the audience to ponder the stories that lie beneath the surface; to spark a profound reflection on the intricacies of humanity itself. I take inspiration from magazines and social media to confront these medias by showing how challenging they can become by emphasising gender roles, creating damaging stereotypes. My latest portraits offer a poignant exploration of the modern struggle to conform to an ever-shifting state of beauty standards. Through these pieces, I attempt to highlight the emotional toll and exhaustion that accompany the relentless pursuit of feminine beauty."

Etching works

"Etching is a medium I have always been fascinated with, so challenging myself to create a portrait using this medium was a must at some point in my career. When I finally made the jump, I decided to challenge myself even further and created a portrait on a large scale. (59cm x 84cm)

As I had no at home press, so to speak, the actual printing process created the biggest challenge on how I would be able to apply enough pressure to create an successful transfer. 

The end result was definitely not what I was hoping to achieve but the unusual texture that was created by rolling the paper created a masked appearance to the face, obscuring the features, which I think is remarkable."

Collage Series


 " My intention for beginning the collage series was to hopefully kickstart ideas for other pieces within my practice. I planned to create a collage a week, as a creative way of documenting my practice and what I had encountered through the week by including things like receipts, packaging and waste amongst the usual magazine based imagery. As the series progressed I developed a new found love within the medium itself, drawing on inspirations from the text found around me in my every day life."

Silhouette works

"The silhouettes came from studying poses that I had found across a number of fashion magazines. These poses, devote of showcasing any garments, became unusual. I used the study of the positive and negative space within the poses to strip these figure back to the bare minimum, using the medium of Gel Printing to create these wonderfully colourful patterns to overlay. I think the mixture of the two create these genderless figures, inviting the audience to create their own assumptions of what they perceive the figures to be ."

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